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Toothbrush Trot 5K Relay Builds Handicap-Accessible Playground

July 17th, 2019

We're having a 5K Toothbrush Trot Relay Race to kick-off on Sat. Aug 10 at Osborn MetroPark in Huron, Ohio from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The relay will support the Capable Kids Playground Project, a handicap-accessible playground in Toledo, Ohio. The public is invited to register for the relay at www.iamathlete.com.

The 5K Relay Race will consist of teams of three people, each running or walking 1.04 miles while passing a toothbrush as a baton. A Capable Kids Playground Project costs approximately $90,000 to build.

The Capable Kids organization, based in Toledo, Ohio helps children with impairments ranging from being in wheelchairs, wearing leg braces, having difficulty with their balance, and being unaware of safety norms, along with a collection of medical diagnoses. Currently, Capable Kids has an adjacent lot next to their building, but no playground equipment for their students.

“This event is special for me, as a mother of two, young special-needs kids, we appreciate handicap accessible playgrounds so much,” said Alexa Klassen, DDS, associate dentist at Stefano Dental of Sandusky, Ohio. “I’m grateful for the support of Dr. Stefano and our team to help us build the Capable Kids Playground Project, near my home in Woodson, Ohio,” said Dr. Klassen.

Stefano Dentals has already gained the support of 20 additional dental offices and businesses to sponsor the race.  In addition to the race, there will be a Dental Health Fair where participants can get information about oral health.

Please help us help these kids! If you're a company or organization that wants to be part of the relay, please don't hesitate to call us or sign-up online!

Thank you!


Happy July 4th

July 8th, 2019

From our Stefano Dental family to yours, we wanted to wish you a fabulous July 4th holiday.

Taking a time out, a pause, from our daily routine is always a great way to refresh, renew, and restart.

July 4th is a great time to reconnect with family and friends with food, celebration and fireworks, and a time to remember all the military families that have sacrificed so much for our independence.

Whether you celebrate in your own backyard or do something spectacular like enjoy the fireworks in New York City or the lawn of the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C., find a way to take time out this holiday week.

For those in the 24/7 service business, like police, fire and medical personnel, thank you for you service on these holidays.

Dr. Stefano enjoys fireworks on Lake Erie, with her husband and daughters. It's a time to enjoy local friends and visit with neighbors.

However you enjoy the holiday, make sure you practice fireworks safety, and beat the heat by using sunblock and staying hydrated.

Remember it's easy to get dehydrated especially if you're enjoying adult beverages. So fill up on the water bottles.

And if the heat is not your cup of tea, there are several wonderful firework shows that are previewed on TV, like the PBS Capitol Fourth.

Whether you choose sun or shade, take some time to re-calibrate this July 4th. Independence Day comes once a year---many take time out to vacation, travel and take a break.

We wish you a wonderful, safe July 4th holiday!

Raising $7K for Sandusky Care and Share

July 3rd, 2019

We did it! You did it! You whitened your teeth, and we made brighter smiles not only with patients but with our Sandusky Care and Share! That's right. The local Care and Share helps those in need of food and necessities in our local Sandusky area.

And we're giving $7,000 back. It all started with offering whitening, but so many of you went above and beyond to help those in need.

Giving is infectious and when you get started, it's hard to stop. What a great way to help others become independent, on Independence Day.

Children and families all over our community will be able to rest easier having the supplies they need to take care of their families.

Whether you gave a little or a lot, it all counted. It all mattered. We're thrilled to be able to make difference in our own backyard.

We love to give for some many reasons, but one is that we get to show others how easy it is to give, how easy it is to create a 'wave' of giving---that once someone starts giving, others follow and help the cause.

So if you have a great idea, or want to start giving to a particular cause---find a way to begin  and then spread the news. No matter who are, you can make difference in helping others.

Thank you to our patients, with extra sparkling teeth this summer, for donating to our local Care and Share. Your smile might be brighter, but so are so many lives too.

Thank you!

July Birthday Celebration!

June 25th, 2019

And Happy Birthday to Wendy, our expanded function dental assistant! She's a July birthday, full of smiles and fireworks!

She assists our doctors' in giving our patients the most awesome experience they can if you need restoration of your smile.

She says her title promotes the question "Huh...what do you do?" I complete our amazing doctors preparations. In brief terms, she's your smile artist! She reconstructs your teeth with man-made materials so when you leave our office your smile is confident and beautiful. She has been in the dental industry since 2002. My specialties are fillings, crowns and veneers, tooth replacement options, dentures, implants and Invisalign. Her goal, along side our amazing team, is to make sure your smile gives you confidence!

Outside of the dental world, she's married with 3 children. Her husband Dale is her best friend and she says traveling through life is such a pleasure with him. She continues to love the art of baking, cooking, remodeling houses and interior design. She relaxes with her family on the beach, in a kayak, a campfire with country music or watching Cleveland Indians baseball.

Next time you see Wendy, please give her a big smile and wish her a very happy birthday. We're so happy to have her be a part of our Stefano Dental team.

She's committed to the excellence in patient care and loves to help others. Dr. Stefano and Dr. Klassen couldn't do their jobs without her attention to details and professionalism.

Thank you Wendy and Happy Birthday!

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