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35 Year Anniversary; Congratulations to Lee!

January 15th, 2019

Lee has been one of our certified dental assistants for 35 years! She assists our doctors at chairside, helps out with lab duties, and makes sure she's doing what she can so that our patients achieve their dental health goals!

She's been in the dental field since 1976, and just loves clinical assisting, creating new smiles, and keeping up a friendly environment. She says our doctors are very progressive, and they really appreciate all the hard work that we do.

Lee is an avid boater and has lived in the Lake Erie area most of her life. She's always able to help out and and has dedicated her life to helping her patients have the best dental care.

After raising two boys, she's been able to spend a lot of time in the dental care field, watching so many of her patients grow up and move on to creating their own families.

She loves seeing different generations of families come through Stefano Dental's office. Grandparents, parents, children---who she has treated throughout the years.

Lee is now working on a part time basis, but patients still love to see her smiling face as she makes her way through the different patient rooms.

She's been instrumental to our Stefano Dental team. And has helped mentor many new employees throughout the years.

Next time you see Lee, please congratulate her on this major milestone of 35 years of service to dentistry.

Thank you Lee! We're grateful for your time and dedication to patient care!

Dr. Lata Stefano Day in Cleveland, Ohio; Jan. 5

January 9th, 2019

We're so honored to announce that the Mayor of Cleveland named Jan. 5 as Lata Stefano Day. As a Cleveland native, Dr. Stefano's 50th birthday was noted in the Mayor's proclamation as well as her service to her community, friends and family.

Our office has been mentored by Dr. Stefano's inspiration to give back and be a better version of ourselves.

She does her best to live by example and to put her money where her mouth is, as they say.

As she gathered with some of her favorite local friends in Huron and Sandusky at Cleveland's Marble Room, Dr. Stefano was reminded of the good fortune and blessings that she's been granted.

Along with her husband, she toasted the support of others, because one of life's great lessons at 50 is that no one achieves their goals completely alone.

Along the journey of life, friends, family and colleagues, join us on the journey to be our best and to remind us of all the blessings that we are surrounded by daily.

We're thrilled to join the Mayor in celebrating Dr. Lata Stefano on Jan. 5.  Her own light shines the light on others, and continues to showcase the Huron/Sandusky community to encourage and rally others to give back.

So, when Jan. 5, 2020 rolls around next year, if you happen to think about Dr. Lata Stefano, remember a way to give back and inspire someone else to as well.

Clean Out, Refresh, Rejuvenate

January 5th, 2019

As we move into the new year, many of us think about cleaning out, renewing, re-doing, revisiting old projects that need cleaned out.

The act of cleaning out or cleansing is really a practice we all use daily for our well being. Whether it's brushing our teeth, bathing, skin regimens, nail care or hair styling, we all look for ways to refresh ourselves.

Providing yourself an environment--whether at home, vacation or work that provides you a feeling of being refreshed, is an important step in getting yourself on a path of rejuvenation.

Getting rid of the old, and bringing in the new is also a way to get centered and re-focused on things that matter to you.

And you don't have to wait until January to start over or refresh.

Maybe you change how much sleep you get or what you eat for breakfast or spending less time on social media.

Whatever ways you find that will refresh yourself and your environment--don't wait for a holiday or vacation or summer to begin.

Our best intentions can be lived out whenever we decide to do so.

Sometimes it's fun to include your family on ways to refresh or renew. By including your family, you can help hold each other accountable with gentle reminders and support to keep on the new path of rejuvenation.

Our teeth need refreshed daily, twice a day if you're listening to your dentist; our minds and spirit also need refreshed too.

Make an effort to make one small change this year!

Raffle Winners; Cleaner Smiles

January 4th, 2019

Congratulations to our Sonicare raffle winner! We hold a raffle every year with our toy donation.

We were thrilled to see one of our patients won the Sonicare kit. Just another way for us to give back and make smiles.

We're so grateful to all our patients for making our toy drive so successful. We succeeded in making a generous donation to our local toy drive filled with various toys and gift cards.

Not only do kids need to be remembered during the holidays; but don't forget about seniors who are in senior care centers.

We also have had drives for seniors in need. We've collected personal hygiene and other gifts that our elderly need or desire.

And if you don't have gifts, sometimes a visit or hello is a perfect way to give back to our senior community. So make a new friend and make some time to give back.

Local senior centers and homeless shelters are open year round for those of you looking for ways to give back beyond the holiday time.

Homeless are in need of coats, hats, gloves and scarves. Many of us tend to forget about giving when the giving season is over. But we have plenty of winter days left and warm clothing is always in need for all sizes through the cold, long months. In the Cleveland area, we all know our winter sometimes carries right into spring.

We are always looking for new ways to give. If you have a suggestion, please make a recommendation to our front office. We love to include the community in our random acts of kindness!


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