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March 14th, 2018

You can help improve a child’s life by having your teeth whitened! Sound easy? That’s because it is.  The 18th annual Smiles For Life Campaign begins, which means dental patients nationwide can brighten a child’s future just by visiting local Crown Council dentists, like us! The campaign runs from March through June and 100 percent of the proceeds from teeth whitening procedures done are donated to worthy children’s charities, both locally and around the world. As an additional incentive, each tooth whitening patient enjoys their smile brightening procedure at a discounted rate. Patients love the unique opportunity to improve the lives of children in need while also enhancing their own smile. Half of the donations raised by Stefano Dental are given to Junior Achievement of Northwestern Ohio.

Junior Achievement is the world's largest organization dedicated to inspiring and preparing young people to succeed in a global economy. Through a dedicated volunteer network, Junior Achievement provides in-school programs for students which focus on three key content areas: entrepreneurship, financial literacy and career development.

Since its creation, the Crown Council’s Smiles For Life Campaign has raised over $31 million for seriously ill, disabled and disadvantaged kids. Donations from last year alone totaled $1,303,605.39. Smiles For Life anticipates breaking the $32 million mark for total collections during this year’s drive.

Help us, help kids!

Stay tuned to see how much Smiles For Life is able to raise this year. For more information on the campaign, please visit: http://smilesforlife.org.


Random Acts of Kindness Make a Difference

March 5th, 2018

We are thrilled to announce that we exceeded our goal to donate more than 100 stuffed animals for kids in crisis this month, to our local police and fire. Thanks to local Sandusky, Ohio resident, Henry Coffey, 72, a native of Sandusky, Ohio, who won more than 60 stuffed animals for our drive.

Random acts of kindness come can show up in the most surprising ways. Coffey, a claw-machine gamer for almost 15 years, has won several hundred stuffed animals over the years, donating his winnings to children and local organizations. He retired from Carmelo Ruta, Inc. of Sandusky, Ohio after working for two decades in security, delivery and pool maintenance. He also worked with the Cedar Point Police in Ohio. He turned to the claw-machine game as a way to relieve stress, and became efficient in his gaming skills as a member of Gamers Green, an organization for skilled gamers.

Coffey plays the stuffed animal claw machine, three days a week, for 15 minutes each day. An expert gamer, Coffey only spends approximately one dollar to win one animal.

His accuracy is astonishing, his kindness is amazing. If you don't think you can make a difference in someone's life, think of Mr. Coffey. Small gestures can create big smiles.

We specialize in helping make healthy smiles, but Mr. Coffey taught us how you can make amazing smiles.

We are so grateful for Mr. Coffey with his boxes of stuffed animals, he truly is an example of random acts of kindness.

Bravo Mr. Coffey!

Tongue Scraping and Why Everyone Should Have a Tongue Tool

February 26th, 2018

Meet the Tongue Tool. A simple, inexpensive way to help avoid bad breath.  We tell our patients that brushing and flossing are key to removing bacteria and plaque from your mouth, and that good oral hygiene is important to give us fresh breath too.

But the tongue never gets enough attention. We talk about brushing our tongues, and that moves some of the bacteria around, but to truly get some of that smelly bacteria out of our mouth, a good tongue scraper is an excellent option!

There are several different tongue scrapers to choose from. We like to recommend the Tongue Tool. It's stainless steel, easily cleaned in your dishwasher, inexpensive and easy to use.

The key is to use the Tongue Tool everyday, twice a day is optimal. After your first try with the Tongue Tool, you'll see the build up you're actually removing from your tongue.

Dr. Stefano first started a tongue scraper when she was very young, and has kept up with the habit since then. Once you know what it feels like to have a clean tongue, it's hard to go without tongue scraping.

Tongue tools are also easy and safe to travel with. And if you lose it, don't worry. They're priced so competitively that you'll probably want to have few, one in each color.

You can start tongue scraping as toddlers, as long as an adult is there to show them how to use it properly.

So remember, brush, floss AND tongue scrape. Because your tongue is part of your oral hygiene, just as much as your teeth and gums. So get scraping!

Let's Talk Teeth Power and How They Get Their Strength!

February 22nd, 2018


We love this video about teeth! Did you know the strength of your teeth? You'd be surprised how calcium, enamel and dentin create these super hard structures!

The foods we eat help shape our teeth! Crunchy foods like carrots, apples, celery are great ways to help give your teeth a good workout. Be sure to use a low abrasive tooth brush and toothpaste too, it's not about how hard you brush your teeth, just how thoroughly you brush them.

Watch and learn why we have the teeth formation we do!


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