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Star Camp for 6th Graders

September 16th, 2019

Dr. Lata Stefano loves Star Camp. This month she was talking to 6th graders. Talking about gratitude, leadership and compassion!

Dr. Stefano loves giving back to the younger generations. As she's raising two high school daughters right now, she loves to talk to the younger kids about giving back.

The Star Camps are awesome opportunities for kids to learn from community leaders about leading, being part of their community, and finding ways to give back.

Gratitude is a big part of Star Camps. Dr. Stefano leads her staff with gratitude. Being thankful for what you have, when you have it, and for those around you, is a first step in being a leader.

Dr. Stefano has been in dentistry for more than two decades. And in that time, she's loved being part of team that cares!

Not only is she with a team that cares, she loves being part of the small community in Erie County, Ohio that loves to give back.

Whether it's small ways or big ways, Dr. Stefano believes that everyone can give back with donations, time, or random acts of kindness.

Being able to show, talk and remind young children that they have the power to change their world, lives, schools, communities through giving back and kindness is a step toward being a vital part of their communities and neighborhoods.

If you get to be a part of a Star Camp in the Erie County area, take the time to talk to students about ways you've been a leader, and remember, all of us have the ability to inspire others.

Give back!

Toothbrush Trot Raises $7000 for Capable Kids Playground

September 12th, 2019

You helped us do it! Stefano Dental Toothbrush Trot 5K Relay Race raised $7000 for Capable Kids Playground a special Relay Race for a  Toledo playground that helps special needs kids.

Stefano Dental of Sandusky, Ohio created its first annual 5K Toothbrush Trot Relay to support the Capable Kids Playground, a handicap-accessible playground in Toledo, Ohio. With 120 runners, 40 teams, 12 dental office sponsors and 11 and company sponsors 24 volunteers, the event raised $7000. For more information, please go to www.stefanodental.com.

The 5K-Relay Race consisted of teams of three people, each running or walking 1.04 miles while passing a toothbrush as a baton.

“This event is special for me, as a mother of two, young special-needs kids, we appreciate handicap accessible playgrounds so much,” said Alexis Klassen, DDS, associate dentist at Stefano Dental of Sandusky, Ohio. “I’m grateful for the support of Dr. Stefano and our team to help us build the Capable Kids Playground Project, near my home in Woodville,” said Dr. Klassen.

About Capable Kids and the Capable Kids Playground: Capable Kids is working with a group of motivated parents to purchase and install high quality, handicap accessible, creative and inclusive playground equipment at Capable Kids’ current location in Toledo, Ohio. The students at Capable Kids have a broad spectrum of impairments ranging from being in wheelchairs, wearing leg braces, having difficulty with their balance, and being unaware of safety norms, along with a collection of medical diagnoses. Go to http://capablekidstoledo.com/about/.

Thank you for helping us give back and make a difference. We always say, together we can!


Kathy Celebrates 5 Years at Stefano Dental!

September 5th, 2019

Congratulations to Kathy on five years as our hygiene coordinator! We couldn't do it without you!

She has been in the dental field for 22 years. Twelve years were spent in an orthodontic office. She's happy to be back at this office working with an incredible team that creates beautiful smiles every day.

She's been married to her husband, Mark for 28 years. They  have three children and three grandchildren. They love to travel and spoil their grandchildren too!

Kathy keeps all our hygiene schedules on time and organized. Her attention to detail and commitment to a job well done have made her an instrumental part of the Stefano Dental team.

She's always willing to go the extra mile and has a smile on her face when she does it. Kathy is great at pitching in when others on the team need extra help.

She's fantastic at being able to juggle many things at once, a master at multi-tasking and our patients love her because she's great at fitting in appointments to accommodate the patient's needs.

Needless to say, she's been a great asset to the Stefano Dental team. Cleanings are sometimes scheduled six months in advance, so Kathy is able to keep up with a demanding task of making sure she updates changed appointments, and allows for the proper time for additional dental services that a patient might need.

Drs. Stefano and Klassen are very grateful for Kathy's expertise and can-do attitude. Her cheerfulness is a joy to our team.

Thank you Kathy for your continued dedication to Stefano Dental!

$7000 Donated to Care and Share: Making Brighter Smiles Together!

August 28th, 2019

Did you hear the news? You all helped us raise $7000 for families in need in our community and neighborhood. This is what teamwork looks like. This is what compassion looks like. This is what kindness looks like. Thank you for getting whiter teeth to help others. A brighter smile for you, and an even brighter smile for all those parents and kids who can sleep and eat better because of your generosity! Thank you!

Stefano Dental offered teeth whitening services with 100 percent of the fees going to support Sandusky, Ohio’s Care and Share, a local food pantry/shelter to help families in need, and raised $7000 to donate to the local food pantry. For more information, go to www.stefanodental.com.

“Our teeth whitening campaign is really a community effort, as our patients helped make this donation possible, we’re so grateful for the support” said Dr. Lata Stefano, of Lata Stefano, DDS, Sandusky, Ohio. “It’s a way to give back to the community and help brighten someone’s smile too,” said Dr. Stefano.

Stefano Dental has been involved in the teeth whitening campaign for a cause for several years. Patients received whitening services at discounted fees and Stefano Dental donates 100 percent of its costs to the charity of choice; this year it was Care and Share of Sandusky, Ohio.
About Care and Share of Sandusky, Ohio: Its mission is to serve qualifying residents of Erie County, Ohio fairly and with dignity in providing emergency and supplemental food, clothing, linens and housewares as available. Go to https://www.facebook.com/pg/eriecountycareandshare/about/?ref=page_internal for more information.

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