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Joyous Giving

January 3rd, 2019

We hope you had a fantastic holiday! Now that wrapping paper is picked up and everyone is back to school and work---we hope you're taking a breath.

We were able to donate so many gifts to our toy drive and we're so thrilled we could. It was our generous patients that made our donation so great this year! Thank you!

We hope you were able to experience 'joyous giving' this year. Giving because you have to, or feel forced to isn't joyous giving.

Giving because you can, giving because it's your heart's desire, giving because you know it's helping someone--gives back to the giver too.

How many of us gave to someone else, and watched that person enjoy the gift? It probably felt better than opening up and receiving your own gift.

Joyous giving isn't something you have to wait for once a year in December. You can give year around.

When you're making a new year's resolution, thinking about the commitment to giving. Maybe it's giving to a cause, giving of your time, maybe it's giving more self-care to YOURSELF.

Taking care of our minds, bodies and spirits allows us the space in ourselves to feel joy and gives us the capacity to give back to others.

No matter how you give-make time for yourself. Give yourself quiet time, reading time, time with your family, time in the gym, time to breathe.

Giving allows us the capacity to give more. It's why giving is the best multiplier. You never feel less for giving.

Happy 2019!

December Birthdays

December 11th, 2018

December is a time when many make travel plans, shop for gifts and get ready to celebrate one of the major holidays of the year. Stefano Dental is doing their own celebrating right in their office.

Dental hygienist Deb celebrated a birthday. As one of the team of hygienists, she helps keep our family of patients’ teeth sparkling clean. She like's working for Stefano Dental because it gives her a change of pace and a stream of new faces, and keeps her on her toes. She LOVEs dentistry for the diversity of people, which means a diversity in teeth: not one mouth is the same. She love challenges, and when patients return for preventive maintenance, their teeth are in better health from their work at Stefano Dental.

She's happily married to her husband Corey since 2007, and she has two beautiful children. She likes to garden, run, work out, and be outdoors.

Dr. Stefano is celebrating a big milestone. Her 50th birthday. After working in dentistry for more than 20 years, she's so excited to be able to share this birthday with her great staff. She also enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters who are both volleyball players. When they're not at volleyball games, they're on Lake Erie boating or relaxing at home with their two dogs.

December birthdays are sometimes lost in the height of the holiday season. Next time you get a chance to see Dr. S or Deb, please wish them a happy birthday!

Congrats to Melissa; Dental Assistant Certification

December 4th, 2018

We're always looking to expand our knowledge at Stefano Dental. We're thrilled to have Melissa earn her Ohio certification for dental assistant.

Dr. Klassen and I not only take regular continuing education classes, but we encourage our staff to do the same.

By staying current in our field and expertise, we're able to offer the best clinical services to our patients.

You can be assured we're always looking to be on the cutting edge of our knowledge and dental services.

There are always new technologies coming out, and our office usually offers the latest technologies to better diagnosis, advise and treat our patients.

Additional training also allows us to cross train our employees who are looking to learn different roles and/or expand their education in the dental industry.

We're thrilled to be able to offer this opportunity to our staff and in turn to our patients.

Not only do we have continuing education classes for our team, but we also love to provide team building exercises for the entire staff.

Team building exercises help encourage teamwork, strategy, compromise, communication skills and understanding. All qualities that help us work better as a cohesive organization.

Regular team building exercises and off-site meetings, allow our team the opportunity to learn new things about ourselves and our team. We learn to work better together, communicate better together and find new ways to do things that will help improve our staff's work environment and improve our patients's customer service experience.

Thank you Melissa for going the extra mile in training! Do more, be more, give more!


Holiday Giving; Making Smiles

November 26th, 2018

As everyone's started the rush to shop, shop, shop. Let's not forget about toy drives around the area to help those in need.

We're helping the Huron and Erie County Family Services Department by collecting toys for children through December 8.

We usually think about toys for the younger crowd. But don't forget about teenagers who look forward to getting that special jacket, gift card or headphones.

Even food gift cards are great for a favorite restaurant or even movie gift cards.

Think outside the box for this year. And small gifts go along way. Even our seniors in assisted living homes would appreciate extra visits or small gifts. Note cards, stationery and plants are always special gifts that can enjoyed beyond the holiday season.

Families in our Sandusky, Ohio local community are depending on the Erie and Huron County Departments of Job and Family Services for toy donations this holiday season.

You can help by dropping off unwrapped, new toys or monetary donations to any VLFCU Branch or Stefano Dental by December 8th.

Remember no gift is too small or too insignificant. Consider volunteering your time or doing crafts with those who are in a hospital.

So while you're out shopping or perusing online, don't forget to think of those strangers that you might never get to meet. Share some of your holiday spirit with those in need, and give the gift of a smile.

Imagine their surprise when you make their Christmas wish come true. We all have the ability to share some Christmas magic this holiday season.

Give back when you can, where you can, how you can!

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