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Links Between Gum Disease and Alzheimer's?

February 19th, 2019

Some researches are looking at the possibility of the connection between gum disease and Alzheimer's Disease.

Interesting data has been collected causing many scientists to ask whether oral health might be connected to the brain tissue.

This article in the BBC gives an overview of the research and the publications that have outlined the studies.


Regardless of whether gum disease is tied to Alzheimer's, periodontal care and regular flossing is essential to overall oral health, especially as you age.

The health of teeth is also connected to the health of gums. It's imperative that through regular cleanings and dental check-ups, a dentist can exam the gum tissue and tooth health.

Remember, no matter what your age...prevention is the key to the best oral health. Eating healthy foods, avoiding tobacco products and regular brushing can make a huge difference in overall health.

Physicians are now linking oral health symptoms to physical conditions, as a warning sign to alert patients to possible medical issues that were not initially recognized without the dental exam.

Be sure to ask your dentist about your gum health and if you have periodontal issues, ask him/her the best way to prevent more serious issues. For more critical periodontal issues, your dentist can refer you to a periodontist, a doctor who specifically specializes in the treatment of the gums.

So don't delay. Pay attention to your gums and keep flossing. Flossing once a day is all it takes. There are many choices of floss out there, find the best floss that works for you.

Here's to healthy gums!

Leadership and Mentoring in Schools

February 11th, 2019

Dr. Stefano loved being part of Mr. Seller's Leadership Class at McCormick Junior High School to to talk about service, gratitude, and the power of the handwritten thank you note!

Whenever you have a chance to be a part of the next generation, take the opportunity! Dr. Stefano recently visited our local junior high school to talk about giving back and being responsible to their community and their planet.

When you can mentor a child or inspire a child to lead by example, you're grooming the next generation of leaders and fostering a generation to empathize and care about others.

Leaders aren't about bulldozing forward for themselves, rather leaders can only lead when they have others to lead. So moving forward as a team and group is really what good leadership is about.

Dr. Stefano talked about including and unifying people, rather than separating people by differences. By seeking to understand others point of view and other's life experiences, we gain a greater understanding of ourselves, our neighbors and our world.

But to understand, we need to listen. And effective communication starts by listening, patiently and intently. Listening to understand is much different than just hearing someone speak.

Dr. Stefano talked about her office's random acts of kindness, and shared how students could do very simple gestures to show kindness---maybe it's smiling at someone new, sharing something or just saying hello.

The key to being a leader is to realize that you're helping others become leaders too. Give back, and lead.

Stuffed Animals for Kids in Crisis; Children's Dental Health Month

February 6th, 2019

Lata Stefano, D.D.S of Stefano Dental of Sandusky, Ohio kicks off National Children’s Dental Health Month by collecting stuffed animals for kids in crisis through March 1, 2019. The stuffed animals will be donated to the local Sandusky Police and Fire Departments to pass out to children going through crisis. Participants will be entered into a raffle to win a children’s Sonicare toothbrush; one raffle ticket is given per stuffed animal. To donate stuffed animals, stop by Stefano Dental at 1617 W. Bogart Road in Sandusky, Ohio.

This fundraiser was so successful last year, that Dr. Stefano knew she had to do it again this year! There's no better way to give a child a smile, than to give them a cuddly stuffed animal, especially in a time of uncertainty or crisis.

Many children experience trauma and stress during a fire or emergency, and these stuffed animals are exactly what some of these kids need to offer them comfort and assurance during this conflicted time.

Whether you have one stuffed animal to donate or many---any donation can make a difference with one child.

Children's Dental Health Month is a great time to focus not just on kids' dental health, but kids overall emotional health.

One toy, one stuffed animal can make the difference for a child feeling scared and a child feeling protected and safe.

You don't have to be a patient of Stefano Dental to donate. Just stop by our offices in Perkins Township, Ohio during office hours, and drop off your stuffed animals.

Together, we make a difference.


The Oral Effects of Vaping

January 30th, 2019

We all remember the stigma of yellow teeth and tobacco cigarettes. Now that vaping has become the latest trend and on the rise, many don't attribute the same oral risks to vaping as they would to tobacco cigarettes. Studies are showing that vaping can be equally dangerous to your oral health---just as bad if not worse than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.

People assume vaping is safe option, but that's just not the case. The chemicals used in vaping can be very damaging to teeth. Vaping might taste good with all the different flavors, but it's certainly not good for you.

Vaping can cause cavities, damage to oral tissue, enamel issues, and even lesions.  Dry mouth is another symptom from vaping...and constant dry mouth can lead to other oral issues.

Vaping can also lead to tooth loss and more superficially lead to yellowing teeth.

There are many articles that you can find on the oral side effects of vaping. Most importantly, talk to you children about the damaging side effects and become educated on the risk factors.

Knowledge is power. Although vaping seems like the new trend without the same risks as tobacco cigarettes, adults and teens would be wise to research the chemicals in vaping and the long-term consequences of regular vaping.

Check in with your dentist and ask her/him about the vaping risks and effects. Vaping might seem benign, but the more we learn about this new trend, the more we learn that the best option with vaping, is not to vape at all.

For more information on the effects of vaping on oral health. Check out--https://www.perioimplantadvisory.com/articles/2019/01/vaping-and-oral-health-it-s-worse-than-you-think.html

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