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Making the Top 5 Dentists - Sandusky Register Readers Choice Awards

May 1st, 2019

You may have heard...we're so grateful to have made the top 5 dentists in the Sandusky Register's Readers' Choice Awards. We are so thankful for our patients and community to provide us with the opportunity to be named top dentist in Sandusky, Ohio.

Now thru May 14, you can vote once a day for your favorite dentist. Go to www.sanduskyregister.com and you can see the choices.

One of the things we strive for, is to not only give great dentistry, but be a part of our community. Not only are we responsible to our patients, but we're responsible to our neighbors and community to give back and do better.

Making a difference and giving support to those in need is part of our mission at Stefano Dental. We're so proud of our team that works hard inside and outside of our office to help give superior service.

Our community is what makes it possible for us to give back over and over and over again. When we show up, our community shows up with us.

Sometimes it only takes one person to start the momentum of giving back. So don't be shy. If you have an idea or goal to help someone else, or create positive change, start talking to your friends, loved ones and neighbors. Build your own community of change right in your own back yard.

We're always so appreciative of the kindness and generosity of patients. Thank you for putting us in the top dentists of the Sandusky, Ohio area.

We see you, we noticed...and we're thrilled to be a part of Sandusky, Ohio.

Spring Cleaning - Clean Up and Clean Out

April 16th, 2019

Spring cleaning is underway for many of us. We decide to clean out our closets and deep clean our homes. But at Stefano Dental---we like to think of spring cleaning for ourselves and growth.

Is there a new project, activity or hobby that you've wanted to start and just haven't. Are you using your talents to their fullest?

Can you help others in some small way that you haven't?

Do you regularly tell yourself that you'll start or begin something later---and then don't. And you can't find the time?

Spring cleaning can be about re-growth and renewal.

You can plant a tree, start composting--find ways to give back to the Earth.

You can begin new friendships, or remove yourself from relationships that no longer serve your higher self, or maybe realize they never did serve you.

Clearing out cobwebs from your house---can also be a way of cleaning out cobwebs from our own well being.

Spring cleaning is fabulous time to get out and get on with it. If you've felt stuck or felt like you can't---spring cleaning is a time to remind you that you can.

At Stefano Dental --- we encourage and support our employees to be able to achieve their continuing education goals and provide leadership coaching to all of our staff---so we can lead and be a part of a team in the most effective way.

Next time you get your mop and duster out for spring cleaning, remember that spring cleaning can start with you.

Because You Can!

National Child Abuse Prevention Month - Help a Child

April 9th, 2019

National Child Abuse Prevention Month reminds us of the ongoing problem of how much the most innocent part of our population are in need of awareness and support---to prevent child abuse.

Make a difference where you can and how you can. Any adult who's paying attention can help a child who's facing abuse. Whether it's a doctor, dentist, teacher, parent of a friend, minister---stay aware of your surroundings and listen to the signs of child abuse.

There are many ways to provide comfort to a child. Whether it's comforting words, support or intervention, continue efforts to intervene with abuse. Abuse can come in forms of physical, mental and emotional.

At Stefano Dental--we like to advocate for children--whether it's for Kids in Crisis who need stuffed animals during critical times---when fire or police are called to their homes. We also support kids in need at our local Erie County Health Department for free dental care.

Our local Care and Share also helps many families in need.

There are many organizations that you can get involved with that help children experiencing child abuse. CASA - Court Appointed Special Advocates for children is a great organization that supports children's well being. There are many children that have experienced some form of abuse that are part of CASA.

National Child Abuse Prevention Month is a way for our communities to not only be aware, but to investigate ways that we can actively make a difference and reduce child abuse incidents in our neighborhoods and communities.

Know better, do better.


Oral Cancer Awareness Month - April

April 3rd, 2019

April is a time to do a lot spring cleaning. It's important to do check ups too, that you might not have considered otherwise.

Oral Cancer Awareness Month is in April. Talk to your doctor or dentist to discuss this simple screening. At Stefano Dental we provide this screening, and can offer it to you during your regular dental check ups.

If you have a history of tobacco use--chewing or smoking ---your risk for oral cancer could be higher.

Prevention is key with oral cancer ---so don't wait until you feel symptoms to get checked. Oral cancer can affect all areas of the mouth, tongue, etc. Throat and esophageal cancer can also be affected by oral cancers.

We use the Introducing the VELscope® Vx Enhanced Oral Assessment System, which centers on a wireless, handheld scope that uses natural tissue fluorescence to enhance the way clinicians visualize oral mucosal abnormalities that might not be apparent or even visible to the naked eye. https://ledapteryx.com/velscope/

Stefano Dental tries to ensure we have the latest technologies and screenings to give our patients the best service and clinical advice.

The more you know, the more choices you'll have. Oral cancer screenings can be done once a year, depending your family history and personal health history.

The key is prevention. And National Oral Cancer Awareness Month is about making the public more aware of oral cancer.

Work with your dentist and ask questions. We're here to help and keep you healthy.

Next time you're at Stefano Dental, ask about the VELscope.

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