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Nail Biting Can Cause Dental Issues

November 14th, 2019

Nail biting. We can all remember doing it at one time or another. Many of us grow out of the habit of nail biting.

But there are some real dental consequences to nail biting. Like jaw injuries and cracked teeth---are some results of nail biting.

If you feel this a habit you can't break on your own. Think about the causes of the nail biting. Is it anxiety, hunger, nervousness?

Many people find nail-biting avoidance with specific nail polishes, strictly made to help avoid nail biting. Other's seek out therapy or self-soothing aids to help calms nerves to help avoid nail biting. Or others talk to their dentist about ways to get help to stop nail biting.

Not only can nail biting cause dental issues. It can also lead to picking up germs and spreading germs more easily. It's something to think about during the upcoming flu season.

Many people get their nails professionally done with nail tips to avoid the visual look of bitten nails, which is only covering up the issue.

The more you bite nails, the more your nails will stay soft and brittle as well.

If you want strong and healthy nails, start by trying to avoid biting your nails. If your nail cracks or becomes jagged, avoid the  urge to just bite your nails. Always have a nail file available or handy, and/or a nail clipper.

The key to stopping nail biting is to get to the root of the behavior.

Dentists, physicians and therapists are a great source to help you out!

Happy Birthday Paula!

November 6th, 2019

We love celebrating birthdays! And one our newest employees, Paula, just celebrated her birthday in this month! Paula is our newest dental hygienist.

She's been working in dentistry since 1987 and recently started working at Stefano Dental in 2019. Her goal is to provide preventive dental care and help her patients understand the importance of their dental health as it relates to their overall health. She loves working for Stefano Dental because the entire staff is dedicated to providing the highest standard of care while improving the smiles of its patients.

She has one adult son and enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She loves traveling, being outdoors and taking long walks on the beach.  Lake Erie sunsets are her weakness, and one of her greatest pleasures.

Paula is a great addition to the team. Her smile and energy are exactly what makes her a perfect blend to the team dynamic. She's engaging with patients and knows how to make patients feel comfortable and relaxed during their cleanings.

Since Paula has lived in the area for many years, she's a great one to talk with about the different happenings and activities in the area.

Stefano Dental is so proud to have her part of the its staff, and looks forward to having her on board for many years to come.

When she's not helping make smiles for others, she shows off her fantastic, warm smile herself, and it puts her patients at ease.

Please help us welcome Paula and wish her a happy birthday!

National Bosses Day

October 29th, 2019

Shout out to such a wonderful staff at Stefano Dental! Thank you to everyone that made National Bosses Day so special.

Dr. Klassen and Dr. Stefano rely on a tremendous team to do their clinical work efficiently and effectively. Not only do they strive for superior patient service, but they also work to get patients in and out as efficiently as possible.

They rely on our front staff to help with our scheduling, payment process and insurance. They're the first ones that communicate with our patients, so they're very grateful for their service to Stefano Dental.

They're a well oiled machine because our amazing appointment schedulers and a great support team in the back of the office that helps us treat patients and keep us on the schedule for the day!

National Bosses Day really reminds us of how grateful we are for our wonderful staff. With out a great staff, you can't be a great a boss. We're better dentists because of the supportive team environment and clinical excellence of our treatment team.

We appreciate our staff giving us such thoughtful gifts and treats to celebrate National Bosses Day!

It's a team effort to be able to service the hundreds of patients we do, throughout the week. We appreciate our teams' flexibility and thoroughness in caring for our staff.

Next time you get the opportunity to thank our staff, please do so! It's how we work as a team that makes us able to be the best bosses we can be!

Thank you Dr. Klassen for stepping in which allows Dr. Stefano the chance to enjoy time off as well!

Happy National Bosses Day!

Dr. Lata in Sandusky Register; OSU Award

October 21st, 2019

If you missed the Sandusky Register, we wanted to share the exciting news!


A local dentist known for her charitable work was recently honored by her Alma mater.

Dr. Lata Stefano, of Stefano Dental, was presented with the Ohio State University College of Dentistry’s 2019 Distinguished Alumni Award.

“This award was truly a surprise I’m so deeply humbled and grateful to be joined by family and colleagues in accepting the honor,” Stefano said.

Among the more than 20 nominees from across the country, Stefano stood out as an inspiration to others due to her tremendous community work.

“It’s so rewarding to know that something as simple as giving can be so inspiring to others,” Stefano said.

The college of dentistry’s board of directors has handed out the award for 50 years.

“I went into dentistry to help make healthy smiles, improve oral health, but later in my career I realized I could make smiles from the heart too, and that has been priceless,” Stefano said.

Stefano, who has been practicing dentistry for 20 years, has initiated a number of charitable events through her practice.

“I started the charitable works with Stefano Dental, with the simple philosophy of ‘give when you can, how you can, where you can.’ I believe we are all connected and I feel accountable and grateful to do my part in helping others in need,” Stefano said.

Some of her more recent initiatives include donating $7,000 to Care and Share, collecting school supplies to donate to children and the Toothbrush Trot 5K at Osborn Park in August.

The Toothbrush Trot raised $7,000 to build a handicap-accessible playground for children in Toledo. Her grassroots philanthropy has helped inspire other businesses to give back.

“I never saw myself as a role model,” Stefano said. “But then I saw the response and feedback from local businesses, schools, neighbors, asking how they can help with our charitable events — I realized that I could be starting a ‘chain of giving’ and although many think I’m inspiring them, it’s the community, patients and strangers that have joined our charitable missions that inspire me.”

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