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BOTOX Specials!

January 22nd, 2020

Yes, we're dentists. Yes we clean teeth, fix teeth, straighten teeth. But Stefano Dental also provides Botox for those fine lines and wrinkles around our eyes, eyebrows, forehead and mouths.

Dr. Lata Stefano does many cosmetic procedures to help whiten and brighten smiles. Sometimes, BOTOX can help brighten smiles too. With proper education and the proper procedures, BOTOX can be a viable option for patients to enjoy a better version of themselves, or at least a better version of their smile.

If you're interested in BOTOX, January is a great time to ask us about the different BOTOX offers and specials.

BOTOX isn't a permanent fix, but it is a procedure option that might be the best fit for you. Do your research, and ask your clinician about the procedures that work best for your situation and facial areas.

Everyone ages, everyone gets fine lines and wrinkles. And that's okay. Some people like the option to do a little cosmetic work on their face that isn't permanent. BOTOX might be the option and answer for you.

Remember a bright healthy smile, starts with a clean smile. Brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing your teeth at least once a day, using a tongue scraper, and using a fluoride rinse can all help you have a beautiful, clean smile.

If you 're looking for a little more brightness, Stefano Dental offers many whitening options too. Ask us what might work for you.

And if you're looking for some more corrections, ask us about orthodontic treatments too. We offer and treat with Invisalign and traditional braces.

BOTOX is just another option to a brighter smile. Next time you're in the office, check it out!

Gingerbread House Contest Winners

January 14th, 2020

Stefano Dental is so excited to learn that they won the AC Orthodontics gingerbread house contest!

This is what teamwork looks like and, tastes like! It's o so sweet!

The Stefano Dental team worked diligently together to design, create, and assemble this delicious holiday treat.

Along with many other gingerbread houses made by other AC Orthodontics contestants, Stefano Dental's house was voted the top pick by AC Orthodontics patients.

Projects like this might seem unrelated to Stefano Dental's training. But it's exactly these type of fun, light-hearted projects that make our team dynamic, connected and engaged while they're doing their dentistry.

We're so thrilled to have been chosen, out of the many other gingerbread house selections.

Stefano Dental invests time and money dedicated to team building. Whether it's an outing or project, like bike building.

Or perhaps it's at a restaurant or a leadership meeting.

There are so many ways to build camaraderie with your workmates, family, or sports team.

Now about that sugar in our gingerbread house. We advise you spend more time building a gingerbread house, rather than eating it. LOL.

Cavities breed off of sugar. So limit your sugar intake, and/or  make sure you brush your teeth and floss after eating sugary foods or drinks.

If you're interested in how we came up with our gingerbread house concept, please ask one of our Stefano Dental team members at your next appointment.

We love to talk about our community projects, and get others involved in the greater Sandusky, Ohio area.


Paula - Employee of the Month

January 8th, 2020

Congratulations to Paula for being our employee of the month. She's our fabulous registered dental hygienist.

She's been  working in dentistry since 1987 and recently started working at Stefano Dental in 2019. Her goal is to provide preventive dental care and help our patients understand the importance of their dental health as it relates to their overall health. She loves working for Stefano Dental because she likes how the entire staff is dedicated to providing the highest standard of care while improving the smiles of our patients.

She has one grown son and enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She loves traveling, being outdoors and taking long walks on the beaches of Lake Erie.  Lake Erie sunsets are her weakness.

Her positive attitude and charming smile are what so many patients enjoy about her. She always has a great story to tell and is a great listener too.

Whenever you're around Paula, you can't help but smile. Her attention to detail, and clinical expertise make her a great asset to Stefano Dental.

Paula is so popular with patients, and is always encouraging patients to maintain a healthy smile.

Her approach to life is always one of making others feel appreciated. Her warm bedside manner, is why so many patients love her as much as Stefano Dental does.

We're so excited to have Paula be our employee of the month. Please make sure you congratulate her when you see her at your next appointment.

Thank you Paula for all you do for Stefano Dental and your community!


Lisa Brings Team Power Chair-side

January 2nd, 2020

Lisa was our employee of the month recently. She has been working in dentistry since 2003 and joined the Stefano Dental Team in 2019.  As one of our dental assistants, she absolutely loves to assist our doctors chairside, and to make sure she's doing everything she can for our patients to achieve their dental health goals.

She has two daughters, Mannie and Lauren, and two cuddly pets Minnie and Bun Bun, that she loves to spoil.  In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, relaxing and participating in wine tastings.

Lisa was thrilled to win our employee of the month. She's energetic and full of positive vibes. She loves to connect with the patients and make them smile.

Lisa has been a fantastic edition to our team and brings not only great clinical skill to the team but also great enthusiasm.

She's always looking for ways to help out and help the team work more effectively.

And she's always one to make us laugh too.

If you see Lisa today or this month, please make sure to congratulate her on being the employee of the month.

Stefano Dental rotates employee of the month with their staff to show its appreciation and to highlight one employee each month, to showcase their skills and team effort to their fellow staff and to the community.

We appreciate Lisa's dedication, commitment and energy. She always strives for excellence and goes above and beyond to help Dr. Stefano and Dr. Klassen to provide the best dental service possible.

Thank you Lisa!

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