Virtual Time


Virtual. The new world during COVID. We’re finding a lot of opportunities for virtual time to talk to our staff and our loved ones these days.

We’re thankful for ZOOM and all the video outlets who’ve enabled us to share our thoughts and ideas with each other and still SEE each other.

How are you connecting with your loved ones and teammates these days?

The video capability to be able to see large groups together as been such a joy these days of COVID restrictions.

Our team, though at home and not working, have found ways to connect and have team meetings with virtual meeting methods like Zoom.

We love how Stefano Dental can not only keep us connected with our teammates for work, but we also get to connect with our team on how we’re doing with the COVID-restrictions.

All of us are juggling some different aspect of the COVID-restrictions. Do we have kids at home from school? Are we now working from home? Are we juggling child-care while working from home? We’re we temporarily laid off? Are we concerned about paying bills?

These are the things that we can help each other out with. Sometimes it’s not enough for a call.  Sometimes our facial expressions and body language are what we need the most in times of need.

Make sure to reach out to loved ones when you can. If you can show up on FaceTime or Skype or a Google Meet Up or Zoom, try it out!


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