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What Sets Us Apart?


The vision of Stefano Dental is to exceed our patients’ expectations and provide an atmosphere that is as focused on your health and happiness as it is on your comfort and well-being. All of our patients are treated individually because we know that, just as no two smiles are alike, no two dental treatment plans can be the same. For this reason, you will also receive the personalized and individual care and attention that you need and deserve.

We partner with our patients and make each of them an essential factor in their treatment because we believe that if you care at all, you’ll get results ... but if you care enough, you’ll get incredible results! We always take the time to explain all your treatment options and educate you so you’re in the best position to make those important decisions regarding not just your oral health but also your overall health and happiness.

We’ve put together a highly skilled and professional team of dedicated caregivers who make it their goal to see to your every need. Our team is well-trained to help you obtain a lifetime of healthy and beautiful smiles while fostering an atmosphere that is warm, welcoming, safe, and lively. Dr. Stefano knows that her patients deserve only the best, and she has gathered a team that shares in her dedication, skill, and commitment to providing the most exceptional care.

Patient comfort is something we take seriously here at Stefano Dental. That’s why we provide state-of-the-art amenities for your enjoyment, such as Wi-Fi and cable TV. By placing TVs and computers in every treatment room, we want you to feel like you’re at home, so grab one of our pillows and a warm blanket, throw on your protective eyewear and headphones, kick back, and enjoy! We even provide lip balm and bottled water. After treatment, take a hot towel, relax, and linger awhile!

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