COVID Check-in


Starting another week! Maybe you’ve found some comfort in that new normal by now. Did you find a new schedule or a new way to work?

What are some things you’re enjoying about the social distancing rules? Are you finding time to finish a book, complete a project, or maybe it’s just time to be still and be. Change can be difficult and uncomfortable, but it can also be a time to renew, re-energize and refocus.

Find celebrations in the small things. Maybe realizing the small things are actually big things. Find some time for some fresh air, whether it be on the porch, patio or backyard. We're all discussing masks. While social distancing, don't forget to do some exercise. If not you're able to social distance, then don a mask while running, walking, biking.

Find time to reset yourself. Although we're all connected via technology, make sure to make time to unplug from the computer, phones and social media. Find time to connect with yourself and your inner voice. If meditation is something you're considering, there are many apps that can help you get started with meditative guidance.

Don't forget to reach out to loved ones, via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime. Or just pick up the phone to say you miss someone, or check in by phone to see how people are doing!

Stefano Dental is still open for dental emergencies as outlined by the American Dental Association, please go to

Please practice patience, social distancing, good hygiene and kindness during this time.

We look forward to making smiles again!

Dr. Lata and staff

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