Melanie -- Employee of the Month


Stefano Dental is thrilled to announce that Melanie is our new employee of the month. As Insurance Coordinator, the tasks she performs are mainly done behind the scenes. She works to ensure our patient's insurance eligibility and dental benefit information are obtained and verified. To achieve the best results, she works closely with the front desk. In doing this, we strive to help our patients receive and maintain their best oral health care needs. Other responsibilities she has includes assisting our Business Administrator, with duties such as assembling accounts payable, insurance explanations and benefit remittances. She also helps  Dr.Stefano and the team  organize and prepare the agendas for  weekly Team meetings.

Melanie has been in the dental field since 1997 and has been part of the Stefano Dental Team since 2006. Outside of work, she really enjoys spending time with her husband, Donny and their seven wonderful children. She also likes reading, dancing and playing dominoes.

She loves to ensure that patients have a great dental experience, and she will continue to assist our dental team, and look forward to helping you in anyway that she can.

Melanie is patient and kind; and her customer support skills make her a wonderful asset to the Stefano Dental team.

She always gives one hundred percent and does so with a smile on her face. Patients don't get to have a lot of one-on-one time with Melanie because she's behind the scenes much of time, but if you've had an insurance question and had to call our office, you've probably spoken to Melanie.

Please give her a shout out next time you see her or speak to her!

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