Why You Shouldn't Skip the Dentist


Stefano Dental loves to see its patients at least twice a month for cleanings. And why is that?

A thorough dental check up isn't just about making sure you have no cavities, no tartar, no plaque build up.

Nowadays, dentists are trained to look for symptoms that go far beyond basic dental care.

Mouth sores, and other symptoms can help detect diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, high blood pressure. Not to mention, dentists can help detect for oral cancer too.

Why is it important to invest in bi-annual teeth cleanings? By the time you have serious gum disease, it might be too late to either save a tooth or prescribe preventative treatment.

The preventive measure of bi-annual cleanings can help avoid much larger, long-term dental costs.

If you're avoided the dentist, because you don't want to pay for a cleaning or you think you don't need it, think about the amount of money you're saving by investing in this preventive check-up.

Remember, as we age, our oral health habits change, and our teeth change. It's important that you keep a regular pattern of check-ups for the youngest to the oldest.

Beautiful smiles are only part of the outcome of regular, bi-annual check-ups. The real pay off is the healthy smiles, and overall physical health too.

If you have questions about your oral health or the importance of cleanings, please ask our staff about it. We love to talk about teeth, gums and oral health.

We look forward to seeing you at your next cleaning!



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