Botox with a Smile


Have you ever heard you smile with your eyes? We specialize in making your mouth sparkle, but your eyes are what really say it all...right?

Dr. Stefano at Stefano Dental also offers Botox. Sometimes Botox can be medically necessary, and sometimes it's something to help enhance your face and smile.

Those small lines that creep up on you as you age. Those small laugh lines and creases, that show up on our foreheads when we laugh, smile or frown are common to almost everyone.

Although not always medically necessary, 'ironing' out those wrinkle lines, give some people a cosmetic boost.

Botox, used in a limited way, can change how  a person looks for the better. Of course, all of us have seen that person who's had too many Botox treatments, and they've all together lost their original appearance.

We look at Botox as an enhancement of what you already have, an illumination of your natural beauty.

Botox isn't permanent and you don't have to continue treatments after you've had your initial treatment.

As we age, we change. All of us change. All parts of our body will change. Sometimes we like the changes and sometimes we don't.

The most important part about making a choice about Botox, is to remember that your true self-value and importance isn't measured by the number of small lines and wrinkles.

Your reflection of yourself won't be improved by Botox treatments. But it can help remove small and lines and wrinkles.

Talk to your doctor or dentist about what would work best for you.


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