Star Camp for 6th Graders


Dr. Lata Stefano loves Star Camp. This month she was talking to 6th graders. Talking about gratitude, leadership and compassion!

Dr. Stefano loves giving back to the younger generations. As she's raising two high school daughters right now, she loves to talk to the younger kids about giving back.

The Star Camps are awesome opportunities for kids to learn from community leaders about leading, being part of their community, and finding ways to give back.

Gratitude is a big part of Star Camps. Dr. Stefano leads her staff with gratitude. Being thankful for what you have, when you have it, and for those around you, is a first step in being a leader.

Dr. Stefano has been in dentistry for more than two decades. And in that time, she's loved being part of team that cares!

Not only is she with a team that cares, she loves being part of the small community in Erie County, Ohio that loves to give back.

Whether it's small ways or big ways, Dr. Stefano believes that everyone can give back with donations, time, or random acts of kindness.

Being able to show, talk and remind young children that they have the power to change their world, lives, schools, communities through giving back and kindness is a step toward being a vital part of their communities and neighborhoods.

If you get to be a part of a Star Camp in the Erie County area, take the time to talk to students about ways you've been a leader, and remember, all of us have the ability to inspire others.

Give back!

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