Spring Cleaning - Clean Up and Clean Out


Spring cleaning is underway for many of us. We decide to clean out our closets and deep clean our homes. But at Stefano Dental---we like to think of spring cleaning for ourselves and growth.

Is there a new project, activity or hobby that you've wanted to start and just haven't. Are you using your talents to their fullest?

Can you help others in some small way that you haven't?

Do you regularly tell yourself that you'll start or begin something later---and then don't. And you can't find the time?

Spring cleaning can be about re-growth and renewal.

You can plant a tree, start composting--find ways to give back to the Earth.

You can begin new friendships, or remove yourself from relationships that no longer serve your higher self, or maybe realize they never did serve you.

Clearing out cobwebs from your house---can also be a way of cleaning out cobwebs from our own well being.

Spring cleaning is fabulous time to get out and get on with it. If you've felt stuck or felt like you can't---spring cleaning is a time to remind you that you can.

At Stefano Dental --- we encourage and support our employees to be able to achieve their continuing education goals and provide leadership coaching to all of our staff---so we can lead and be a part of a team in the most effective way.

Next time you get your mop and duster out for spring cleaning, remember that spring cleaning can start with you.

Because You Can!

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