National Child Abuse Prevention Month - Help a Child


National Child Abuse Prevention Month reminds us of the ongoing problem of how much the most innocent part of our population are in need of awareness and support---to prevent child abuse.

Make a difference where you can and how you can. Any adult who's paying attention can help a child who's facing abuse. Whether it's a doctor, dentist, teacher, parent of a friend, minister---stay aware of your surroundings and listen to the signs of child abuse.

There are many ways to provide comfort to a child. Whether it's comforting words, support or intervention, continue efforts to intervene with abuse. Abuse can come in forms of physical, mental and emotional.

At Stefano Dental--we like to advocate for children--whether it's for Kids in Crisis who need stuffed animals during critical times---when fire or police are called to their homes. We also support kids in need at our local Erie County Health Department for free dental care.

Our local Care and Share also helps many families in need.

There are many organizations that you can get involved with that help children experiencing child abuse. CASA - Court Appointed Special Advocates for children is a great organization that supports children's well being. There are many children that have experienced some form of abuse that are part of CASA.

National Child Abuse Prevention Month is a way for our communities to not only be aware, but to investigate ways that we can actively make a difference and reduce child abuse incidents in our neighborhoods and communities.

Know better, do better.


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