Giving Back More Stuffed Animals - Kids in Crisis Get Comfort


We love helping kids. We appreciate all the help from our patients who helped us collect 100 stuffed animals for kids in crisis!

These are kids who are in emergency situations, that Sandusky Police and Fire meet with everyday. These stuffed animals are a bit of comfort for these children.

When children are met with something comforting, familiar and fun, like a stuffed animal, it can help self-soothe them in an otherwise chaotic environment.

We're deeply grateful to our community of patients who went out of their way to drop off a stuffed animal. Even the youngest patients helped out.

We had a 3-year old who decided to collect stuffed animals at his birthday party instead of getting presents. He and his brother dropped off several stuffed animals for our kids in crisis donation.

Giving is contagious, and when you can show children how to give back, you're teaching a new generation how to help their community and the world.

We are also grateful to our local police and fire departments who inspired us to collect the stuffed animals. They go the extra mile everyday to help kids in crisis. We were thrilled to be able to support their efforts.

Everyone can help kids in crisis. Kids in crisis don't have to be kids in crisis for long. By having people surrounding them with support, love and guidance, these kids can find structure, balance and comfort again.

These stuffed animals are just part of the equation of helping kids!

Thank you for your continued support!

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