Floss 101 at Local Elementary Schools


Dr. Stefano loves talking teeth, especially with children. She spent the day visiting Shawnee Elementary school teaching kids how to brush their teeth properly and how to floss properly.

She even had kids line up, just like teeth, and weave string in between them...to show them how important it is to get in between the tight spots of our teeth.

This demonstration was the highlight of the demonstration, full of smiles and giggles. Kids also learned how to brush correctly.

Brushing for a full two minutes is one of the keys to good brushing. It's also important to use fluoride and brush all the teeth completely. Children especially have a tendency to stay stuck in one area of their mouth. It's good to remind them to brush top and bottom and to touch on each tooth.

For even more oral hygiene, try brushing your tongue. Or better yet, use a tongue scraper to get the excess bacteria off your tongue. Dr. Stefano recommends the Tongue Tool.

Many kids also use a fluoride rinse after brushing. Fluoride rinses like ACT are a good choice. Try to find a rinse that's alcohol free. There are many flavors, so pick something that works best for your child.

There are also many different types of floss. Waxed, unwaxed, flavored, hand-held, string, floss picks and floss brushes. For children, there are many fun hand-held flossers that might make it easier for children to manually floss their own teeth.

The key to good flossing is to make sure you do it once a day. Regular flossing keeps your gums healthy!


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