Happy Birthday Lee!


Happy Birthday Lee! As one of our certified dental assistants, she assists our doctors at chair side, helps out with lab duties, and makes sure she's doing what she can so that our patients achieve their dental health goals!

She's been in the dental field since 1976, and just loves clinical assisting, creating new smiles, and keeping up a friendly environment. "Stefano Dental doctors are very progressive, and they really appreciate all the hard work that we do," said Lee.

Lee is an avid boater and loves living near Lake Erie, where she's lived most her life, and raised her two son, now adults.

She's always got a smile for patients and likes to go the extra mile (smile) to make sure patients are getting the care they need.

Lee loves to listen to patients and hear about their families and stories. She shares herself and loves to have others share with her.

She also loves to mentor other dental assistants, as she's a veteran in the dental industry.

Lee has been a legend at Stefano Dental, and actually was there before Dr. Stefano moved to Huron, and bought the dental practice.

She has watched Dr. Stefano grow from an associate dentist, to an owner, and a leader and mentor for her staff.

We appreciate all of Lee's diligence and commitment to her industry and to our company. We are thrilled to celebrate her gracious attitude and her life-long dedication to her patients and our staff.

She helps Stefano Dental be a better place, and is always ready to pitch in.

Happy Birthday Lee!

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