To Brush Before Or After Breakfast?


To brush before breakfast or to brush after breakfast. That's the question.

Most of us brush our teeth at least once a day, although we should brush twice a day. But did you know that studies suggest that brushing your teeth before you eat breakfast is better, than brushing after breakfast?

Why is this? Many people brush more thoroughly before breakfast, while others who wait until after breakfast brush quickly and miss many spots. Many people don't immediately brush their teeth after breakfast, and the process of decay sets in. If you brush immediately when you wake up, you get a fluoride-coating before you start eating.

It's also advantageous to brush before you go to bed, so as to cleanse the mouth and teeth before bedtime.

Don't forget to get your teeth checked twice a year by a dentist to make sure your gums and teeth are getting checked for tooth decay and gum disease.

Being proactive with proper brushing, tongue scraping and flossing can help avoid decay.

So if you brush before breakfast, you can help avoid plaque and bacteria from setting in your breakfast.

Those who brush after breakfast, have a better chance of plaque and bacteria to mix with their pancakes, waffles, cereal, milk, coffee and orange juice.

So think about grabbing your toothbrush before you grab your cup of coffee in the morning. You might be able to see a difference at your next dental check-up.

Always ask your dentist for their advice and consult with her/him on the best ways to improve your oral health!

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