Cyndi - Our Employee of the Month


We've all heard about concierges at hotels. It's the go-to person that seems to have an answer for everything or directs you to exactly what you need or where you need to be.

Well, at Stefano Dental...we have a Patient Concierge. And that's our Cyndi! Cyndi is our employee of the month, and we're thrilled to have her a part of the team!

She's always eager to help and will always be able to find an answer for our patients...and if she doesn't have an answer, she can usually find someone who does have an answer!

She helps out at the front desk by welcoming and checking in patients, answering phones, filing, and handling patient correspondence. She joined the dental field in 1977 and has loved being with this practice since 1995. Patient interaction and working with such a great group of people are her favorite parts of her job.

At home, she's married to an incredible man. And enjoys her outside kittens too. She likes to cook, sew, bicycle, and travel on their motorcycle. She and her husband are avid National Drag Racing fans as well.

Cyndi was thrilled to be named employee of the month---and always brings a smile to the office and to her patients.

She always has a good ear to listen, as patients like to share stories with her about their lives and families.

Cyndi is a veteran in our office and has been great at mentoring our new staff too. We're so grateful to showcase Cyndi this  month!

Thank you Cyndi!

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