Raffle Winners; Cleaner Smiles


Congratulations to our Sonicare raffle winner! We hold a raffle every year with our toy donation.

We were thrilled to see one of our patients won the Sonicare kit. Just another way for us to give back and make smiles.

We're so grateful to all our patients for making our toy drive so successful. We succeeded in making a generous donation to our local toy drive filled with various toys and gift cards.

Not only do kids need to be remembered during the holidays; but don't forget about seniors who are in senior care centers.

We also have had drives for seniors in need. We've collected personal hygiene and other gifts that our elderly need or desire.

And if you don't have gifts, sometimes a visit or hello is a perfect way to give back to our senior community. So make a new friend and make some time to give back.

Local senior centers and homeless shelters are open year round for those of you looking for ways to give back beyond the holiday time.

Homeless are in need of coats, hats, gloves and scarves. Many of us tend to forget about giving when the giving season is over. But we have plenty of winter days left and warm clothing is always in need for all sizes through the cold, long months. In the Cleveland area, we all know our winter sometimes carries right into spring.

We are always looking for new ways to give. If you have a suggestion, please make a recommendation to our front office. We love to include the community in our random acts of kindness!


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