Joyous Giving


We hope you had a fantastic holiday! Now that wrapping paper is picked up and everyone is back to school and work---we hope you're taking a breath.

We were able to donate so many gifts to our toy drive and we're so thrilled we could. It was our generous patients that made our donation so great this year! Thank you!

We hope you were able to experience 'joyous giving' this year. Giving because you have to, or feel forced to isn't joyous giving.

Giving because you can, giving because it's your heart's desire, giving because you know it's helping someone--gives back to the giver too.

How many of us gave to someone else, and watched that person enjoy the gift? It probably felt better than opening up and receiving your own gift.

Joyous giving isn't something you have to wait for once a year in December. You can give year around.

When you're making a new year's resolution, thinking about the commitment to giving. Maybe it's giving to a cause, giving of your time, maybe it's giving more self-care to YOURSELF.

Taking care of our minds, bodies and spirits allows us the space in ourselves to feel joy and gives us the capacity to give back to others.

No matter how you give-make time for yourself. Give yourself quiet time, reading time, time with your family, time in the gym, time to breathe.

Giving allows us the capacity to give more. It's why giving is the best multiplier. You never feel less for giving.

Happy 2019!

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