Dr. Lata Stefano Day in Cleveland, Ohio; Jan. 5


We're so honored to announce that the Mayor of Cleveland named Jan. 5 as Lata Stefano Day. As a Cleveland native, Dr. Stefano's 50th birthday was noted in the Mayor's proclamation as well as her service to her community, friends and family.

Our office has been mentored by Dr. Stefano's inspiration to give back and be a better version of ourselves.

She does her best to live by example and to put her money where her mouth is, as they say.

As she gathered with some of her favorite local friends in Huron and Sandusky at Cleveland's Marble Room, Dr. Stefano was reminded of the good fortune and blessings that she's been granted.

Along with her husband, she toasted the support of others, because one of life's great lessons at 50 is that no one achieves their goals completely alone.

Along the journey of life, friends, family and colleagues, join us on the journey to be our best and to remind us of all the blessings that we are surrounded by daily.

We're thrilled to join the Mayor in celebrating Dr. Lata Stefano on Jan. 5.  Her own light shines the light on others, and continues to showcase the Huron/Sandusky community to encourage and rally others to give back.

So, when Jan. 5, 2020 rolls around next year, if you happen to think about Dr. Lata Stefano, remember a way to give back and inspire someone else to as well.

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